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Shame Vs Pride
Thursday 10 August 2017, 08:00pm - 09:45pm

Support Group Meeting for Gay Fathers:

The first Gay Fathers meeting is a big step. Who will be there? What is this about? If this describes you, then relax, you are like the vast majority of men at their first Gay Fathers meeting. Do let someone know if this is your first meeting. Then sit back and join in the discussion when ready. If asked, answering with "I prefer to listen, tonight" will be respected.

We discuss many topics related to our experiences -- past and present -- about being attracted to men and being a father, and we encourage every man to participate. However, Gay Fathers of Toronto will not advise. We encourage every man to find the path best suited for him and his situation. 

Tonight's Topic:     One Word Can Change Perspective.

“I’m a dad. I am also gay man. Or, as society has labeled me, a “gay dad.”  I find it incredibly amusing how the simple placement of one word in front of another word has the power to enhance it or degrade it — especially, in this case, with such duality of perception. It either evokes a sense of pride when used among a certain group, or used to convey a sense shame when used in disgust among others.”~Peter Depp (Huffington Post writer)

Tonight we delve into the duality of our lives from the placement of that one word.  It comes down to how we feel as a person and how we respond when people see us as gay fathers--are we proud, or do we continue to hold guilt/shame?  We juggle between pride and shame a lot more than most parents, whether it is internal or external in various situations.  Let’s discuss how we can all move from guilt/shame to pride for being ourselves and being authentic.  Share concerns about where you are in your journey, and share with the group what creates pride for yourself.

Discussion Facilitator: John StJ   *Second Facilitator: Graham

*When two or more facilitators are usually present, the Second Facilitator will be happy to talk privately if you prefer.*

Getting there:

The 519 Church St Community Centre, Room 304    Map to 519 ►[Opens new window]◄



Gay Fathers of Toronto is independent and is not financially supported or sponsored by any organization or group. Self-supported since it first met in 1978, every man is asked to contribute $5 at each meeting to defray the costs of meeting space, the website, etc. however at your first meeting, you are our guest. If $5 is a financial burden and is the reason for not coming, please contact or email ( are here to support, not to inhibit or to embarrass.


Expectations at meetings:

Meeting leaders are gay fathers and volunteers. Please note, they are trained to facilitate discussions; they are not life coaches, marriage counsellors, psychologists, or lawyers. They cannot give advice. Gay Fathers encourages all men to seek out professional assistance where it may be needed.

Mutual respect is expected. Predatory or intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated. Gay Fathers of Toronto has a Code of Mutual Respect. Ask a Facilitator to browse a copy of it if you want more information. Talk to a Facilitator or email us confidentially ( about anything that offends or concerns you. 


Location The 519 Church Street Community Centre, Room 304
Check The 519 Front Desk Notice Board on the scheduled evening for last minute room changes.
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